Hello, Oliver Hayes here with a short introduction and welcome to my site and to everyone viewing it.

Let’s start things off with a little low down on me. I’m Oliver Hayes, 21 years old, as it stands, and I’m a creative young man with a passion for football, freestyle football and all visual arts. Aswell as that I love to travel and eat good food but you’ll hear more about all those things as we go along.

Now that’s out of the way we can talk about the site. In the past I’ve put myself out there via various different online media outlets but always struggled in portraying myself correctly, remaining consistent but also having the right name to brand myself professionally and just generally something that I’m happy with. 

"itsOLIVERHAYES" is the name I’ve finally stuck with and I’ve managed to get all the matching URL’s for the social media sites that I use. For the past few years I have literally just been using social media sites to get my name out there but now I thought I’d build a home for me.

Here, on this site, I’ll be posting frequent and more detailed updates, as opposed to the limited 140 character Twitter posts I’m used to. Aswell as that I’ll be sharing pictures and videos of my own, writing reviews on films, books, restaurants, products and just sharing all things that I’m interested in so you can learn more about me and what I enjoy.

On top of that you have the actual site element of this web page, which will be frequently updated and is a great tool for potential clients and anyone looking to know more about my history, who I’ve worked for and much more.

Thanks to everyone for visiting, reading and sharing your time with me. I appreciate it massively and this is just the start. 

Pour l’instant au revoir.

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